• Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
    Boston Harbor, Massachusetts

Information for Overseas Travelers

Coming to New England from outside the United States? Read information on how to get around, accommodation options, and U.S. travel tips.

Discover New England markets specifically to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan and German-speaking countries:

Coming from other countries? Feel free to contact us with your travel questions.

Learn More on the Following Pages:

  • ESTA & VISA Information: Be sure to prepare for this critical requirement.
  • Flights to New England: Information on direct flights from the UK-Ireland and all airlines servicing New England domestically and abroad.
  • Getting Around: Information on car rental agencies, buses, trains, ferries and more to navigate the region.
  • Driving in New England: Learn about mobile phone and traffic laws, and the major routes of New England.
  • Major Holidays/Weekends: Help plan your trip with knowledge of these significant dates which may be busier than other weekends.
  • USA Travel Tips: Advice on bank machines, taxes, and tipping.


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Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
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Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
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Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
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Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
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