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    King Arthur Flour Baking Center
    Norwich, Vermont

Food Adventures — Northern Tour

New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine

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  1. Lee, New Hampshire: Flag Hill Winery & Vineyard
    Vineyards are springing up all over New England. 100% New Hampshire is the Flag Hill Winery & Vineyard, where you can tour 20 acres of French hybrid vines, taste a wide range of wines and enjoy a picnic on the grounds of the 200-year-old farmhouse.
  2. Londonderry, New Hampshire: Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
    The growing interest in New England’s natural foodstuffs is reflected in the regular visitors to Stonyfield Farm Yogurt. Watch yogurt being made, from start to finish, and try new flavors.
  3. Contoocook, New Hampshire: Gould Hill Farm
    Gould Hill Farm has been family owned for two centuries. The Leadbeaters grow an astonishing 80 varieties of apples, as well as peaches, nectarines and plums. Their Rhode Island Greenings date from 1700; they patented the Hampshire in 1995.
  4. Walpole, New Hampshire: Handmade chocolates
    New England attracts enthusiasts for local produce. For New Yorker Larry Burdick that means butter, eggs and milk for his handmade chocolates and Austrian-style pastries. L. A. Burdick ships to New York restaurants, chocolate shops and via the internet.
  5. Montpelier, Essex, Vermont: New England Culinary Institute
    New England abounds with talented chefs, many graduates of NECI, the New England Culinary Institute. Courses really are 'hands on,' with students cooking in Montpelier restaurants.
  6. Waterbury, Vermont: Ben & Jerry's ice cream
    New Englanders eat more ice cream than any one else in the USA, with homemade ice cream a summer specialty. At Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory, learn how Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield conquered the world with their fun flavors and eco-ideas. At nearby Cold Hollow Cider Mill, apples are made into cider using a 1920s press.
  7. Healdville, Grafton, Cabot, Vermont: New England's Cheddar Cheese
    Vermont is famous for its cheeses. Started in 1824, Crowley Cheese in Healdville is still handmade in the oldest factory (1882) in the USA. The Grafton Village Cheese Company carries on a century-old tradition, while the hamlet of Cabot lends its name to the state’s best-known cheese, Cabot’s Vermont Cheddar.
  8. St. Johnsbury, Vermont: Maple Grove Farms of Vermont
    Founded in 1915, Maple Grove Farms of Vermont is typical of the maple syrup industry that thrives in northern New England. Drop in to a roadside ‘sugarhouse’ and discover how they tap the sugar maple trees, then boil the sap to make that precious syrup. Between 32 and 40 gallons of sap make just one gallon of syrup!
  9. Lincolnville, Maine: Cellardoor Winery
    Maine's wine industry is thriving! A short drive from the beautiful seaside town of Camden, the Cellardoor Winery in Lincolnville offers a range of wine samplings, classes and events. The Winery is also a venue for cooking classes with local celebrity chefs.
  10. Rockland, Maine: 'Lobster Capital of the World'
    Rockland is the 'Lobster Capital of the World,' with an annual festival (August). The best way to eat lobster in New England is 'in the rough': outdoors at a wooden table, rolling up your sleeves, putting on a bib, and making a mess while you crack the claws and seek out the delicious meat.
  11. Machias, Maine: Blueberries
    Known for its annual blueberry festival, Machias is at the heart of Washington County, producer of 85% of the world’s blueberries. In Maine, blueberries are made into everything from pies, juice and chutney to milk shakes and beer!

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