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Vermont Arts & Culture

Connecticut River Byway Opera HouseVisitors along the Connecticut River Byway experience an eclectic mix of galleries, theaters and performing arts centers, as well as truly unique puppet productions for all ages at the Sandglass Theater or galleries at the Center for Cartoon Studies. 

The White River Valley Player’s live theater, the Center for Cartoon Studies galleries and library, and the outdoor sculpture at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center await exploration along the Crossroad of Vermont Byway.

Green Mountain Byway Art CenterAn extraordinary range of shops and art galleries, including the Helen Day Art Center, feature art, sculpture, and fine craft. Restaurants host nightly entertainment during peak seasons, and theater groups and arts venues bring an assorted mix of music, theater, and dance to the Green Mountain Byway.

Art lovers will find collections of fine, decorative, and folk art at museums while contemporary art can be enjoyed in the many art galleries along the Lake Champlain Byway. An amazing variety of summer festivals focus on music and theater of all sorts.

Visitors familiar with Vermont will find engaging galleries showcasing Vermont art and fine craft as well as unexpected surprises along the Mad River Byway. Visit the Madsonion Museum of Design or the month-long Festival of the Arts celebration of art, music, theater, and more. Don’t miss the unique Warren 4th of July festivities including a parade of handmade floats.

Molly Start Byway ArtsMany galleries dot the Molly Stark Byway and the local museums are exemplary. Visit the Bennington Museum for fine, folk, decorative, modern, and contemporary art or the exciting Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. For music lovers, the renowned Marlboro Music Festival attracts loyal followers and international visitors alike.

Northeast Kingdom ArtsIn a region where simplicity overshadows technology, artists, craftspeople, writers, and musicians have found inspiration in the hills, trees, lakes, and villages along the Northeast Kingdom Byway. A stroll through Northeast Kingdom galleries, museums, studios, and workshops reveals the influence of time and tradition on the creative spirit.

There are wonderful opportunities along the Scenic Route 100 Byway to visit galleries and shops featuring handmade furniture, ceramic wares, antiques, and contemporary art. You'll find treasures similar to what you’d expect at an urban gallery as well as the oldest craft school in America, live theater venues, and classical music.

Shires of Vermont Art GalleryThe Shires of Vermont Byway is rich in the arts and culture. Museums focus on Robert Todd Lincoln, Robert Frost, American fly fishing, Norman Rockwell, and (at the Bennington Museum) Grandma Moses. There’s also contemporary art, craft, classical music, and more!

Some of Vermont’s best Historical Society museums can be found in the Stone Valley, highlighting the cultural history of the region, while exemplary summer theater productions make the Stone Valley Byway a cultural destination.