• Boston, Massachusetts skyline

Boston: New England's Gateway City

The gateway to New England, Boston, is the capital of Massachusetts. The oldest major city in the USA, it was founded by English settlers in 1630. Since then, immigrants from around the world, as well as people from across the USA, have come, made their homes and are proud to be Bostonians.

A Walkable City: Hip and Fun

Boston’s history is America’s history. The city was a hotbed of Revolutionary fervor and the first shots of the War of Independence were fired nearby. Today, you can still visit the brick churches and meeting halls that housed passionate debates in the 1770's. It is a multicultural city where the old and new happily co-exist. The best part: getting around is easy — everyone walks or uses the safe, efficient public transport system, the MBTA, fondly known as the “T”. Most of all, Boston is hip and fun. Home to many of America’s finest colleges and universities, it’s a city filled with thousands of students who create a buzz in the air by day, and contribute to a lively scene by night. Learn more about New England’s gateway city:

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